About this site

Back in 2008, the science journal Nature hired Daniel Cressey to run their new blog, then called 'The Great Beyond', now just the Nature news blog. Its original mission: to boldly post links to good science news, flog bad science news, and highlight the strange things going on in our Universe. Dan started posting the popular 'Songs about Science' series (see the first post), but it was retired in 2009 (see the last post). So sad.

Clearly this was a subject that needed its own home; so I set one up. Hat tips all over the place to Dan and the team at Nature. This wasn't my idea. But I'll run with it.

PS - did you think Nature was stuffy and always serious? Au contraire. By the way, Nature's main competitor, Science, hosts an annual interpretive dance competition: dance your PhD. No, I'm not kidding.